No spin. Just the facts.

Designed to put the power of the pundits in educators’ hands — this one-of-a-kind program gives students of all ages an unbiased look into the United States' political history and the presidential election process.



"We used this app during the election of 2012. I was very proud of one of my students when she saw the poll data for Romney in Ohio and stated in full confidence: 'Romney is trending up.' This girl had an IEP and read at a 4th grade level, but the Voters Ed software is presented in such a way that she could clearly comprehend it. What a great product!"

"All of my classes were engaged to a high degree in the 2012 election. A huge reason for that was that they were able to get a sense of the nation's pulse via the Voters Ed application. I think it's very hard for 8th graders to set aside a loyalty they have for a particular candidate and analyze the data to make predictions. However, many students have been able to do just that, which of course is what we as teachers are aiming for – critical thinking!"

"Last election I had a competition going. I had five classes. All of them worked on predictions of what they thought the Electoral Map would look like on Election Day. The class that came the closest won doughnuts. This was a great motivator!"

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  • View historically accurate data from every U.S. presidential election dating back to the first election in 1789
  • Explore historic primary and poll data
  • Travel through U.S. history to watch the country's political landscape develop
  • Discover the Electoral College's role in election outcomes
  • Discuss key issues, factoids, state and territory developments, and exploratory questions for each election year
  • Use election-related data and exploratory questions for additional learning
  • Enjoy Voters Ed in your web browser on interactive whiteboards, computers, and tablets


Professionally-designed lesson and technology integration plans, tied to curricular standards and grade levels:

  • Lower Elementary / Grades K-4
  • Upper Elementary / Grades 5-6
  • Middle School / Grades 7-8
  • High School / Grades 9-12
  • AP / College