Augment Math Learning with Augmented Reality!

Martian Math is a foundational math game designed to facilitate meaningful math practice in school or at home. It's available in 4 different modules: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

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  • Quick and easy to set up, just place the environment and play!
  • Positive reinforcement rewards correct answers with new objects in the environment
  • Instructional feedback encourages strategy development when students have problems with a question
  • Gameplay can be quick practice or last a whole class period
  • Built for grades 1-6

Martian Math is built to support differentiated learning.

Students can personalize their speed and difficulty settings to their own comfort, ensuring a positive play experience that associates math practice with fun!

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Elementary School students are saying...

"Wow, it's like magic! The farm popped up right on my desk!

"I like that I can make the game as fast or hard as I want."

"The martian is really cool! I won't let it steal my veggies!"