Martian Math

Martians are invading our world and stealing your things! Use the power of Math to stop them. Martian Math is a foundational math game designed to facilitate practice in a fun and engaging way. Your learner can be practicing math and defending his town from aliens in seconds, with no complicated setup process.

Martians may hate math, but your learners shouldn’t have to.

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Aliens. Arithmetic. Augmented Reality.

Martian Math is available as four separate apps, each covering one of the four major mathematical operations. Using state-of-the-art Augmented Reality technology, the game creates the illusion of a miniature farm or amusement park appearing on your table, desk or floor. Players must answer a math question each time a Martian appears to stop them from stealing things! Adjustable difficulty settings and number groups ensure players of all skill levels can play.

Compatible with Android devices that support ARCore.

Supported Devices



Built to support differentiated learning! Kids adjust difficulty to their comfort, ensuring a positive play experience that associates math with fun.


Instructional feedback encourages strategy development as kids advance their skills!


We believe in positive reinforcement. Kids can watch new parts of the world appear right in front of them as they answer questions correctly! (1)

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Martian math is available in separate modules on Google Play.
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Martian Math Google Play
Martian Math Google Play
Martian Math Google Play
Martian Math Google Play