Teachers want evidence.
Students want to learn (and have fun).
Martha Madison delivers both!

Created with teachers and students, aligned with standards, and proven to effectively improve student outcomes, the Martha Madison game-based curriculum has had research at its core from the very beginning.

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“I liked that you have to use your mind to make it work. It was really fab! I hope to play it again.”

8th-grade student

“This didn't feel like school. It is perfect!”

8th-grade student

“The game is fun because you need to figure out what to do and test different combinations.”

8th-grade student

“This would be a great homework assignment.”

8th-grade student

The Martha Madison Complete Collection



Use lenses and mirrors to explore the principles and properties of light as you search for instructions to help Martha build a microscope.



Discover how forces help you deliver blocks of ice to a community of penguins building homes.



Learn how to create transverse and longitudinal waves to relay storm warning signals by air and water.



Encounter various kinds of energy - kinetic, potential, and chemical - as you help Martha deliver medicine to her friend, Mole, who's home sick in bed.



Solve puzzles using the nature of magnets and magnetic force fields to locate parts needed to repair a power generator.



Learn how to create and explore electric currents while helping Martha restore power in a storm-damaged power station!


Simple Machines 1

Use the inclined plane, wedge, and screw to your mechanical advantage and overcome obstacles!


Simple Machines 2

Use the lever, pulley, and wheel-and-axle to help Martha's crab friends collect and store coconuts for food and supplies.


Qualitative and Quantitative research informs every stage of the design and development of Martha Madison.

Our findings have demonstrated that game-based curriculum is an effective and exciting approach to science education for middle school students of both genders and across all socioeconomic groups.


Read the full story in our white paper, Science at Play

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Significant increases in content recognition were found after just one 25-minute play session.


95% of student communication during gameplay was focused on science and collaboration.


Students chose to replay levels an average of 5.1 times.


  • Analytics dashboards to track and leverage educational outcomes in real time
  • Instructional materials to easily integrate the game concepts in the classroom
  • Lesson plans and worksheets
  • Correlations to Common Core, Next Generation Science, and Partnership for 21st Century Learning Standards


  • Replay
  • Open-ended problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Acquisition of specialist language
  • Completion of civic-minded missions
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Play our demo of the Martha Madison Optics Module where you can:

  • Explore an ancient temple full of optical wonder
  • Learn from challenges and puzzles using reflection, refraction, and concave and convex lenses
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Explore how you, your school, or your district can improve student outcomes with Martha Madison. Gain access to the complete world of Martha Madison:

  • Game-based STEM Curriculum Modules including: Optics, Waves, Simple Machines, Forces, Magnetism, Electricity, and Energy
  • The Lesson Plan and Classroom Resources Classroom Resources Library
  • The Teacher and Administrator Dashboard which showcases your student improvement data
  • Dashboard Integration for your LMS or SIS
  • Game Controllers
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