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Hi! I'm Martha Madison.

When it comes to STEM education, I’ve got your back. My award-winning game series brings STEM into your classroom in new and exciting ways that will have your students asking for more. My games give students hands-on experience with the critical physical science concepts, and you get standards-aligned lesson plans to help drive it all home. I promise, you’ve never seen student engagement like this before.

Let’s work together to get students excited about STEM!


Bring Martha to Your Classroom  


Bring Physical Science to Life with Martha Madison!



Students use lenses and mirrors to explore the principles and properties of light as they search for instructions to help Martha build a microscope.


Students deliver blocks of ice to a community of penguins building homes. As they play, students see how forces act on the ice and their characters in real time.


Students relay storm warning signals by air and water and learn how to create transverse and longitudinal waves.


Students help Martha deliver medicine to her friend and encounter various kinds of energy - kinetic, potential, and chemical - along the way.


Students repair a power generator by solving puzzles using the nature of magnets and magnetic force fields to locate parts.


Students help Martha restore power in a storm-damaged power station by learning about electric currents.

Simple Machines 1

Students overcome obstacles using the inclined plane, wedge, and screw to their mechanical advantage.

Simple Machines 2

Students help Martha's crab friends collect and store coconuts using the lever, pulley, and wheel-and-axle.

Proof in numbers


of communication during gameplay was actively focused on science and collaboration


of the STEM affiliation gap was closed by minority and economically disadvantaged students in comparison to majority peers

25 minutes

of play facilitated significant concept recognition, which remained in long-term memory even 2 weeks after the play session
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Martha's Scientific Method

The Martha Madison game curriculum is proven to increase content recognition after just one play session. Here's how we do it.
Martha_Content tailored for the classroom

Content tailored for the classroom

Every Martha game is designed for 25 minutes of play, the perfect fit for a standard 45-minute class period including start up and review time!

Martha_Replay Encouraged

Replay encouraged

All levels have multiple paths to a solution and plenty of room for exploration! Consistent replay in students indicates course concept immersion and dedication to problem solving. 

Martha_Collaboration and Social Skills Development

Collaboration and social skills development

Level design based in teamwork facilitates communication centered on problem solving. Students build essential skills and knowledge together, keeping experiences positive and active!

Martha_Makerspace to Bolster Creativity

Makerspace to bolster creativity

Martha's level builder gets students practicing course content with autonomy! See just how well your students have mastered course concepts as they design their own challenges!

"If this were my homework, I wouldn't complain about homework anymore!"

Middle School Playtester

“ I could see them making connections to science. They were actually talking about physics with each other! “

Middle School Teacher

"This was addictive, I wish there were even more levels!"

8th Grade Student

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  • Analytics dashboards to track and leverage educational outcomes in real time
  • Instructional materials to easily integrate the game concepts in the classroom
  • Lesson plans and worksheets
  • Correlations to Common Core, Next Generation Science, and Partnership for 21st Century Learning Standards
  • Online technical support

Martha's Achievements