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The 2016 Presidential election is a remarkable one.

Posted by Victoria Van Voorhis | May 10, 2016 1:42:01 PM

"An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Admit it.  When it comes to US elections most of us thought we knew how all this was supposed to work.  However the contentious nature of this election cycle has brought the mechanics and rules of the primary system to America’s offices, classrooms and dinner tables.  The patchwork quilt of rules in each state and the differences between the rules for Republican and Democratic contests are driving increasingly nuanced conversations about pledged vs. unpledged “superdelegates”, closed vs. open primaries, winner take all vs. proportional apportionment of delegates. 

With understanding that the 2016 Presidential election had the potential to be historic, Second Avenue launched its updated Voters Ed application with new features including its proprietary “Primary Pursuit” feature which enables users to know the rules, analyze outcomes and make data driven predictions.  Rep_Early_Primary_Results.pngLate_Rep_Primary_Results-1.png


And with only with a dozen primaries to go, following this historic 2016 election cycle is not getting easier.  Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to be unified behind a candidate.  Each party is confronting issues on electability, trust, party platforms and how to appeal to the millions of American voters who no longer identify strongly or officially with either of the two leading parties.  Sanders_v_Trump_Data.png

Using Voters Ed  teachers and students can track all the twists and turns of the current Presidential cycle in a safe, no spin, pedagogical space.  Learn US Election history from 1789 to the present.  Follow the Primaries and easily replay how it has all unfolded.  Predict who will eventually win and by how much.  All the while become truly informed in this most essential of civic responsibilities.

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Written by Victoria Van Voorhis

Victoria Van Voorhis is an EdTech leader and sought-after speaker, former Digital Rochester Technology Woman of the Year, and founder and CEO of the Pittsford-based educational games company Second Avenue Learning. She has served as the Principal Investigator for both Department of Education and National Science Foundation grants. Her goal for Second Avenue is to creatively blend pedagogy with technology to create innovative learning environments, solutions, and curricula that empower teachers and engage K-16 students. Victoria received her undergraduate degree from Smith College and her master's from New York University.

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