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Voters Ed in the Classroom

Posted by admin | Oct 26, 2012 7:51:30 AM

Last night the Rochester, NY affiliate of News 10 NBC featured Voters Ed in use in a local 8th grade social studies classroom.

Victor Central School District teacher Dan Taylor uses the app in his classroom as a comprehensive tool to teach the Electoral College, historical election information, view up to date poll data and track student predictions on the interactive map. Students are able to comprehend how crucial electoral votes in battleground states are, and learn more about the election than they would by simply "watching the debate on TV", as one student mentioned. Using the classroom SMART board, students manipulate data in front of the class, just as a political analyst would on TV.

Dr. Paul Ferber, Professor of political science at Rochester Institute of Technology, is also using Voters Ed in his classroom. Dr. Ferber authored content for Voters Ed, and sees potential for use at the college level as well. "The program is a wonderful blend of new presentation technology with solid content", Ferber stated, "'s a tool that works, in both classroom presentation, or, I suspect, if students are just turned loose with it".

Watch the full story on, and give Voters Ed a go in your classroom, if you have not already.


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