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Second Avenue Learning Launches Voters Ed, Electoral College Interactive Teaching Tool

Posted by admin | Aug 29, 2012 9:39:15 AM

Second Avenue Learning is pleased to announce the launch of Voters EdTM, an engaging and interactive teaching tool about the U.S. Electoral College. Developed in conjunction with subject matter expert Dr. Paul Ferber, Professor in the Department of Political Science at Rochester Institute of Technology, Voters Ed meets the needs of teachers looking for timely digital solutions to supplement their classrooms. As schools across the country begin their new year and both Republicans and Democrats hold their conventions, all eyes are on election 2012. Just in time, Voters Ed is the perfect solution for teachers, students and active citizens looking to further their understanding of our election process.

The concept of the Electoral College is difficult to understand, even for many adults. In response to feedback from teachers that the topic is challenging to instruct, Second Avenue addressed a driving need. Voters Ed visually reinforces the concept with an interactive electoral map that teachers and students can manipulate to simulate different outcomes. Detailed data is available on every state, including up-to-date campaign contribution data to each major political party. As the election approaches, daily events can have significant ramifications on a candidate or party – Voters Ed is fed live poll data and shows users how candidates perform in each state, flagging those states with updated information. Teachers wanting to focus on current events will find Voters Ed an indispensible tool to keep students engaged.

In addition to being a go-to educational resource for election 2012, Voters Ed is rich with historical election content. The application contains a comprehensive primer, with engaging content on the origins and formation of the Electoral College as well as a review of the pros and cons of the system. An FAQ section tests user knowledge of the process. The results of every past U.S. election are displayed in both map and data format. In addition, engaging content – in the form of both fun facts and thought-provoking exploratory questions – is provided for every election in history.

With teachers in mind, Voters Ed includes comprehensive lesson plans and integration suggestions for using the application in the classroom. Lesson plans are tied to curricular standards and specifically targeted to different grade levels from elementary through high school.

Second Avenue partnered with industry-leading digital content providers to distribute this innovative application. Compatible with interactive whiteboard, tablet and desktop platforms, Voters Ed is available in the following marketplaces: Edmodo,, SMART Technologies’ SMART Exchange, the App StoreSM, or directly from Second Avenue.

Founded by educators and gamers, Second Avenue Learning is a certified women-owned company in Rochester, NY that provides custom development and managed services to the education technology industry. In addition to developing proprietary products, Second Avenue builds effective, interactive learning environments that are innovative, accurate and visually compelling. Second Avenue applies expertise to innovate the learning process, and understands that technology serves as a critical enabler to achieve fully customized learning environments and unlock the potential of all students. Our team takes a synergistic approach to all work, and includes subject matter experts, programmers, artists, learning designers, quality analysts and project managers. Here at Second Avenue, we create alternative learning paths and challenge the status quo. It is time to reimagine learning.

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