One team. Many talents.

Reimagining the possibilities of learning and technology. We’ve been called many things: quirky, fun-loving data geeks. Smarty-pants friendly nerds with attitude. Gamers. Thought leaders. Artists. Disrupters. Researchers. Teachers. Hard-core coders who “get” education.

Senior Team

Victoria Van Voorhis

Chief Executive Officer

Tory’s pioneering yet practical vision is the heartbeat of Second Avenue Learning. Known for her ability to tackle complex problems and generate elegant solutions, Tory creatively blends pedagogy with technology to create learning environments that teach, astonish, and delight. 

Hats Tory wears:

Mom, CEO, crazy idea-generator, champion-of-all-learners, researcher, sailor, and frustrated gardener

Ben Paris

Director of Learning & Assessment

Ben brings over 20 years of experience in learning design, with special expertise in assessment, critical thinking, taxonomies, and figuring out what to do next. He’s built award-winning online courses, personally taught thousands of people, and won championships in black belt competitions. In real life.

Hats Ben wears:

Designer of learning solutions, assessment geek, passionate teacher, Tae Kwon Do Sahbum Nim, and creative writer with an odd sense of humor.

Susan Colodny

Creative Director

Looking for a thoughtful, artist who combines aesthetics and user-experience together so seamlessly that you won’t even notice? Found her! Susan loves working with our clients and team members. There are always books in her bag, a new article on design, sketch pad, sharp pencils and one or two erasers.

Hats Susan wears:      

Artist, runner, mentor, cinephile, and wordsmith

Meagan French

Manager, Customer Strategy & Engagement

With 10 years of experience, Meagan brings her savvy for developing leading products and services for education and corporate professional development. A bubbly problem solver, she tackles each client engagement with verve. Her marketing experience helps clients envision and execute on their business goals.

Hats Meagan wears:

Customer delight guru, dog lover, cake-baker, edtech connector, bear photographer, and Disney fan.

Nate Stein

Operations Manager

With skills honed on the baseball diamond, Nate confidently calls the plays and makes sure your project is set to be a home run! He is super-organized, detail-oriented and unflappable. He takes your input and with our team makes sure everything is set to delight you.

Hats Nate wears:

Utility player, point guard, project wrangler, and Seahawks super-fan

Brian Regan

Lead Game Producer

Gamer? Check. Passionate about learning? Check. Quality obsessed? Check. Brian keeps the fun in our serious games, and brings the best of the entertainment world to education without missing a beat. He listens to our clients’ needs and inspires his teams to make the impossible, possible.

Hats Brian wears:

Dad, gamer, producer, lover of fun, star wars expert, and armchair scientist

Advisory Board

Dan Menelly

Advisory Board

Stephen Jacobs

Advisory Board

Anne Snyder

Advisory Board


Teamwork as an artform.

No Challenge too big. No detail too small.

Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories.

Let us tackle your most audacious vision!

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