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Promotional Videos: Why They're Great!

on Feb 3, 2012 1:32:53 PM By | admin | 0 Comments | Blog Social Media
Chances are, you've watched YouTube before. Chances are even better that you have a profile already set up, and subscribe to various channels. Have you considered incorporating YouTube into your business strategy? Promotional videos are a great way to showcase your portfolio and services. It's easy to get started-- consider what your objectives are, and what type of content you wish to share. Do you want your videos public, or private? (Both options exist!) Utilizing the Unlisted privacy option is a strategic way to share content with colleagues and clients prior to an important public announcement or product unveiling. The Second Avenue channel is comprised primarily of short, informative demo videos. Our channel is a snapshot of our portfolio. This allows us to easily share videos, and embed them here on our website. Uploading and sharing interviews, talks, thought leadership, and vlogs are additional means of business integration. Our CEO, Victoria Van Voorhis delivered a Tech Talk at Google, which was published on one of Google's channels, embedded below: Check us out at Subscribe, bookmark, and check back soon-- we're adding a slew of new videos in the near future! -Emma
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Do You Have Klout?

on Jan 27, 2012 2:21:02 PM By | admin | 0 Comments | Blog Social Media Technique of the Week
Klout, one of the more recent and prominent additions to the social space, is a network worth checking out. Another social network-- I know what you are thinking. Hear me out. Klout is unique in that it attempts to determine your social influence across a myriad of other social networks. Each user is assigned a Klout score between 1 and 100 based on their total influence, as determined by Klout. The more social networks you connect to your Klout profile, the higher your score (theoretically) grows. Options include everything from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram. A recent update to the algorithms behind Klout improved ability to measure interactivity within each of these networks. A score analysis breakdown measures three specific metrics: True Reach: the number of people you influence, within immediate and extended networks Amplification: how much you influence others Network: how much influence your network has Think of Klout as the digital cousin of your real-life network of friends and associates. How well you are networked depends not only on your personal network, but also the reach of your contacts, the friends of those individuals, and so forth. Your personal Klout profile even has an engagement style, just like the real you. Do you mostly observe, cultivate conversation within a tight-knit community, or broadcast information to a wide network of people? Your social profile is important, and should be cultivated to be something that you are proud to have tied to your name. Become influential about various topics (keywords) and get rewarded with fun perks tied to your expertise. Klout picks up on your conversation and interaction with these words, which generates a fluid, evolving list of topics. Topic lists aren't perfect, of course. I've seen firsthand how tweeting about something not related to your expertise at all can sometimes curiously spark a plethora of subsequent @replies (and engaged conversation!) and thus add that topic to your list. The good thing is, those you influence can give you Klout (+K) to steer your profile toward accuracy. Or, of course, you can (+K) that oddball topic that somehow appeared on your friend's topic list and watch hilarity ensue. Are you intrigued yet? Hop on over to Klout and get connected. Signing off, Emma (Specialist, 48) What's your score?
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The Value of Twitter Chats

on Jan 20, 2012 12:48:20 PM By | admin | 0 Comments | Blog Social Media Technique of the Week
Remember message boards? In many ways, they were the predecessor to twitter chats. If you're already on twitter, you should be familiar with hashtags, designated by placing a '#' symbol before a word or string of text. Do you use them? How often do you click on threads to see what others are saying? Not only can you find yourself deep in a whirl of conversational pings, but using hashtags to involve yourself in conversation is a smart way to network. Individuals and organizations alike can also more easily discover you. The opportunity exists to cultivate your own community through participation in twitter chats. You can engage your followers to sign on at a given kick off time, simply share their thoughts, and (of course!) add in the chosen hashtag. Often your feed can become cluttered with a plethora of topics, which can be distracting when you want to hone in on something specific. By clicking on the chat hashtag, a streamlined feed will display a real-time progression of the conversation as it unfolds. Nearly every conference and major event carries an official hashtag. If you're unable to attend in person, following the stream of chat from attendees and live bloggers is a great way to participate. For popular events, dozens of updates will flow in by the second. Lively indeed. If you are eager to give it a try, and at a bit of a loss where to dive in, start with your favorite field. For instance, a popular way to plug into what is currently happening in education? Check out #edchat to see what is happening in the educational sphere. Also fun to take a peek at: this Twitter Chat Schedule contains a (growing) list of hundreds of current, regularly scheduled chats that you can participate in. A feature recently rolled in the latest release of twitter, the #Discover tab at the top of the screen. Top trending stories are featured, with links to the news source and a feed of current tweets. (There is quite a bit more to this tab that does not pertain to the topic of this post, so let's save that for another time.) Meanwhile, check us out on twitter. Looking forward to chatting! Until next time, Emma  
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Are You Connected?

on Dec 22, 2011 9:33:09 AM By | admin | 0 Comments | Blog Social Media Technique of the Week
This week, we're thinking social. That is, the importance of plugging into the social media sphere. We'll delve deeper into specific platforms here on the blog in future installments, but for now we'll keep it high level. Where to start? An important first step (before you debate the merits of facebook versus twitter) is to determine your primary audience. Find your niche. It's possible to participate in the social realm both as a contributor and an active listener. The most successful participants find a balance between roles. Typically, it's easiest to talk about your own interests-- but the best connections often derive from engaging with others. Who do you wish to reach? What message will you bring? It's absolutely worth spending some time brainstorming about your goals. Even if that goal is as simple as integrating with members of a given community-- K-12 education, technology, or whatever else that might be. Think about your tone. Would you want to engage with yourself, if you came across your own profile? Perhaps the most important consideration of all is to be true to your own voice. The beauty and appeal of social networks is that they show personality, that human touch. Your voice will become your personal (or professional) brand. So, brainstorm. And then dive on in. Next up, we'll talk Twitter (in the meantime, check us out here!) -Emma    
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