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on Mar 16, 2012 12:54:48 PM By | Svend | 0 Comments | Blog QA Technique of the Week
This week, we're going to look through the eyes of our Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Svend. Whether you work in a QA role, manage projects, or own a business, we know that you will benefit from considering these tips. When testing a piece of software at either the Alpha or Beta stage, it is important to keep certain questions in mind. These questions will help you identify areas where you can improve the software and should be asked alongside a standard quality assurance testing pass. 1. Client Point of View: Will the software satisfy the goals in the Statement of Work? Will the software satisfy the client personally? Has the client been prepped for the release so that they will have realistic expectations? 2. End User Point of View: Is the software easy to use? Any confusing areas? If so, where are they located? How could the user experience be improved? Is the software useful/educational/fun for the user? 3. Purchaser Point of View: What could be added to increase the likelihood that someone will purchase the software over a competitor’s product? In the case of educational software, what features would be eye-catching for the teachers/school districts/publishers who purchase the software for the end users? 4. Company Point of View: Is this software suitable for the company portfolio? If not, what could be added to make it so? These are all questions that should be asked whenever you test software for your company. It is most useful to ask these questions at the Alpha and Beta stages, as changes made at Gold are usually far more expensive to accommodate. Until next time, -Svend
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