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Inspiration, Play, and Narrowing Inequality

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  Despite the title, Matt Greenfield’s Sources of Hope for Education Technology in 20181 presents a sobering account of the challenges we face in leveraging technology to improve educational outcomes. The past year has reminded us that progress depends on meeting minimal conditions such as having electrical power and well-maintained facilities. Even when those requirements are met, though, a crucial question remains: does educational technology do anything to narrow educational inequality, or is it actually expanding those gaps by providing benefits only to the affluent and their children?
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Webinar Archive: Educational Games for Girls, Collaboration and Context

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EdWeb Webinar: Educational Games for Girls – Collaboration and Context

Be sure to join us today, Thursday January 10th at 4 pm EST for a compelling webinar featuring Second Avenue Learning CEO Victoria Van Voorhis and Jayne Lammers, Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester's Warner School of Education. Together, Victoria and Jayne will discuss educational games for girls.
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