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More Than Just a Dream: How Real Teachers Use Game-Based Assessment Every Day

on Dec 7, 2015 7:17:25 PM By | Victoria Van Voorhis & Anne Snyder, Ph.D. | 0 Comments | Assessments game-based assessments
In a brilliant discussion of the use of games as assessment tools, Rebecca Rufo-Tepper outlined several creative ways that real teachers, right now, are already using games in their classroom. In every discipline, and sometimes across disciplines, teachers are examining student learning through their gameplay. How do they do it? Because few serious and educational games are designed specifically as assessments, teachers often assess "outside" the game. For example, a world history teacher may ask students to play Civilization V and then write an essay comparing the alternative history experienced in the game with actual history. In this case, the essay assessment happens after the gameplay, but the game forms the context of the assessment experience.
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