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Question of the Week: Memorable board or card game?

Posted by admin | Dec 31, 2012 10:42:08 AM

This week we asked the team to share a memorable moment playing a favorite board or card game. No stipulations-- this game could be from childhood, or last weekend. In a previous installment of our QOTW, we inquired about favorite apps, so be sure to check that out if you missed it previously.

Matt: Playing Euchre on a Saturday morning with my a few of my friends and winning in 4 hands (2 loners, and 2 marches). It was the first time my roommate had played Euchre and he lost to one of the most unlikely scenarios in the game.

David: I so miss playing Monopoly with my daughter Sarah (all grown up now, works at a bank and plays real Monopoly)...

Emma: Lately I've gotten into playing Settlers of Catan with my family. Thus far, I am undefeated.

Bart: XCOM: Enemy Unknown, is a video game in name alone. It runs on a PC, has flashy visual effects, and was developed by Firaxis (famous for the Civilization series). However, this is more of a board game than Robo Rally (a great board game, worth looking up if the reader has never heard of it): you move pieces, roll dice, and swap turns back and forth. One could recreate the entire game with pencils, paper and a random number generator, but that's really not what makes it a board-based experience...

For expanded thoughts on what separates card, board and video games, we thought that another blog post was in order. Check out the longer version from Bart here.

What are your favorite games?


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