One team. Many talents.

We've been called many things: quirky, fun-loving data geeks. Smarty-pants friendly nerds with attitude. Gamers. Thought leaders. Artists. Disrupters. Researchers. Teachers. Hard-core coders who "get" education.

Whatever you call us, we're in the business of playing with learning, while also staying serious about research, efficient processes, and effective experiences.

Victoria Van Voorhis
Chief Executive Officer
Ben Paris
Director of Learning & Assessment
Susan Colodny
Creative Director
Meagan French
Manager of Customer Strategy and Engagement
Brian Regan
Lead Game Producer

Working with us: Teamwork as an artform

No challenge too big. No detail too small. Every partner we work with becomes a part of the team. Together, we face the challenges and celebrate the victories along the path to create world-class digital learning experiences.